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I'm Nicolas TROSINO, and I'm in the first year 'maths sup' of PTSI stream (2-years Highly selective science study cycle) in Lycée Jean-Baptiste Say (Paris XVI - France). I'm learning sciences like engineering, mathematics, physics, technology... I love numbers, exact sciences and advanced technology. That's why I'm aiming to continue my studies in an Engineering School after the competitive exams which will take place at the end of my second year, named 'maths spé'. I got graduated (science baccalaureate) from High School in 2017 with the mention 'very good'. Actually, I want to focus my studies on aeronautics or aerospace, physics, mathematics and computering.

I'm fond of "hardware" computer sciences since my youngest age and my high school years made me meet people who introduced to me the software part, programming and developpment, thing for which I thank them a lot.

My passion for computers made me buy a very powerful computer, which I modified the components to fill my needs, my wants and to indulge to another passion, the space and the aerospace.
This setup allows me to work with strong softwares (like multiphysics or 3D modelism software) or to launch simulators (like Kerbal Space Program) extremly greedy in resources once moded (moded to acquire a difficulty and realism overhaul)

But my interest is not limited in time, I become a dreamer when I look, for example, at Elon Musk's ambitious projects (like Tesla, SpaceX with their re-usable Falcon 9 rockets or the Hyperloop (supersonic train), the quantum computeurs, the particle accelerators (which have to change the near future and sciences) and telescopes (which let us discover exoplanets) or space exploration (SpaceX Falcon Heavy).
My ideal dream would be to travel through space, achieve science experiments, all of that in the goal to prepare more distant space expeditions or resolve earth problems.

On my leisure time, I'm a trumpeter playing every years the military buggle calls ('The Flag' or other song like the equivalent of 'Taps' in France) during 11-november or 8-may World Wars commemorations.